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What Can A Healthy Diet Do For You?

Synthetic Sweeteners Increase Cardiometabolic Risk

A recent study in Norway reported by TIME magazine of more than 4000 folks with an average age of 66 showed that people who had healthier diets had larger brain mass when measured on brain scans. In addition, they had more gray and white matter and a larger hippocampus.

A recent study in Obesity Reviews that was reported in US News and World Report indicates all foods are not the same in terms of health value. The study found that fructose-sweetened, high fructose corn syrup-sweetened or sucrose-sweetened beverages increase cardiometabolic risk, whether or not a person gained weight.

Whereas consuming the same amount of calories in cheese and yogurts is associated with a decrease in cardiometabolic risk. Eating saturated fatty acids in certain dairy foods can lead to a decrease in cardiometabolic risk as well.

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