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Precision Allergy Testing

Customized Treatment: Excellent Results

check pollen countDallas Family Medical offers relief from allergies via customized allergy injections or immunotherapy  which result in decreasing the need for over the counter medications and alleviating allergy symptoms.

Allergic diseases (allergic rhinitis [hay fever], asthma, and atopic dermatitis (eczema) often warrant identification of specific triggers for treatment. Our office tests for specific allergens that are most prevalent in our area.
Testing for categories of allergens including:

  • Dust mites, Pet hair and dander
  • Trees, grass, and weed pollens
  • Molds and environmental allergens

Skin testing is the oldest and most reliable form of allergy testing and diagnosing allergic disease. Skin testing is not painful and takes 15 minutes to reveal results. Positive tests will appear as a raised, red itchy bumps on the skin that look very much like a mosquito bite. This will tell us exactly what you are and are not allergic to thus, enabling customized treatment. In order to achieve the most accurate test results, you should speak with your doctor about discontinuing antihistamines, over-the-counter or prescription medications for at least 1 week prior to allergy testing.

Many insurance plans cover allergy testing and immunotherapy. We will verify insurance benefits prior to testing.

Take your first step towards allergy relief by calling us today! We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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