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16901 Dallas Pkwy STE 208, Addison, TX 75001

Dr. Julie Reihsen has been practicing Family Medicine in Dallas, Texas since 1994. At Dallas Family Medicine, our team strives to provide the highest quality medical care by using the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Dr. Reihsen provides a continuity of health care for your entire life, you will get to know each other well. She will make will that you and any member of your family will receive extensive health service and the proper information regarding illnesses, injuries and medications. A specific plan will be developed for each patient that focuses on wellness and prevention, keeps the patient connected with the health care team and coordinates care with other health care providers.

Our office provides a wide range of medical services for all ages, children through adults, listed below:

Acute Disease Management
Chronic Disease Management
Diagnostic Testing
Cardiovascular Care
Sleep Medicine
Allergy Testing and Immunotherapy
Medical Weight Loss Management
Preventive Medicine and Wellness Services
Nutrition Evaluations and Nutritional Supplements
Dermatology – Skin Disorders
Hormone Imbalances and Treatment – Testosterone and Estrogen Therapy